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Testing the LJ/DW crossposting. I should use this DW journal more than not... I have a feeling about it...


I'm kinda feeling very... anxious (I guess) since I still have no summer job ._. so, in an effort to make money (after I head out farther to deliver MOAR RESUMES) I'm going to throw a bunch of doujinshi up on ebay and we'll see how that goes.

But, this post is actually for FANART. I made two things this week :3

1x Ed & Winry toddlers
1x Avengers Posse

It's Like Candyland :D )
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Russia is attacking LJ again... at least thats my assumption. Could be a pissed off hacker lol.


My lifedrawing teacher says to the class today "in second year we go to the cadavar museum and you get to draw atrophied dead things floating in solution". I'm the only one who goes "oh shiiiiit that's cool"

Then, in digital tools, I killed a little girl with an umbrella... the umbrella ate her. LOL. I have 4 weeks to animate that in Flash.

School is already a nightmare and its only 4 days in ><

And just now I've learnt that I dont get email notifs for PMs or replies from DW for /some reason/ (get friend notifs though). I have a few things to reply to when I have time / am on a keyboard (iPad touch pad just not comfy). Gonna have to poke my hotmail settings.

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Dreamwidth is like an LJ rollback to 2004 or 2005 ROFL. I'm okay with that. Those were good years :)

Welcoming old friends and new friends (if you want :D *collects people*) and people who may be passing by.

I have been on LJ since Jun 15, 2000 and it's going to be interesting to see if I can actually break the LJ habit and post here. My entire internet life is documented on LJ. I might just crosspost or use them both until I am disgusted enough with the shitty bullshittery to resign myself to the fact I've lost the LJ I grew up with ;_;.

At the same time, thank god, a place where I don't have to f-lock everything because too many ppl IRL know it (yeah, I'm looking at you, parents). I miss feeling free on the internet... and I'd like to post fic and art and everything else all in one spot too.

I'll be importing everything when the chaos dies down.

Though, for Christmas, I'd like a dreamwidth interface that wasn't pink LOL. EDIT: OH that was quick... hooray for skins :D


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