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Yuuki Hikari ([personal profile] yuukihikari) wrote2012-05-07 01:28 am

Stuff and things... OH fanart.

Testing the LJ/DW crossposting. I should use this DW journal more than not... I have a feeling about it...


I'm kinda feeling very... anxious (I guess) since I still have no summer job ._. so, in an effort to make money (after I head out farther to deliver MOAR RESUMES) I'm going to throw a bunch of doujinshi up on ebay and we'll see how that goes.

But, this post is actually for FANART. I made two things this week :3

1x Ed & Winry toddlers
1x Avengers Posse

Kids makin' weeeeeeds.

It's the Stark Train to Candyland. That is a reinvented Candyland map... yes XD;. Providing a bigger version because poor Capt gets lost back there.

I liked the Avengers movie lots... I saw it twice 9___9; (downtown Hamilton has cheap theatre and nobody goes to it!)

And out we go again... venturing off to find EMPLOYMENT *wiggles fingers*
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[personal profile] kiaxet 2012-05-07 04:56 pm (UTC)(link)
Regarding employment stuffs, have you tried temp agencies? They've helped me out both times I've needed to go job hunting, so hopefully they will work. :Db

Yay for someone else who saw the Avengers twice in one weekend! I enjoyed the hell out of that movie too, and the Candyland piece is absolutely brilliant.