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Russia is attacking LJ again... at least thats my assumption. Could be a pissed off hacker lol.


My lifedrawing teacher says to the class today "in second year we go to the cadavar museum and you get to draw atrophied dead things floating in solution". I'm the only one who goes "oh shiiiiit that's cool"

Then, in digital tools, I killed a little girl with an umbrella... the umbrella ate her. LOL. I have 4 weeks to animate that in Flash.

School is already a nightmare and its only 4 days in ><

And just now I've learnt that I dont get email notifs for PMs or replies from DW for /some reason/ (get friend notifs though). I have a few things to reply to when I have time / am on a keyboard (iPad touch pad just not comfy). Gonna have to poke my hotmail settings.

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[personal profile] catystorm 2012-01-13 03:14 pm (UTC)(link)
On one hand, I think the idea of going and drawing dead things floating in jars sounds really, really cool.

On the other, I have hard proof of exactly how fast I teleport when presented with "Body Slices" at the science museum.

/catie can't deal with recently dead things. Mummies, skeletons? Have at'em. Viscera? AGGHUDFKLJ GET IT AWAY FROM ME.

Yet I still want to visit the Mutter Museum. This will not end well.